Python Module Index

dlb Version Configuration parameters Categorical message levels
    dlb.di Line-oriented hierarchical diagnostic messages
    dlb.ex Execution of tool instances
    dlb.fs Filesystem paths
dlb_contrib Contributed tools and utilities
    dlb_contrib.backslashescape Process backslash escape sequences (Python, Bash, Git, ...)
    dlb_contrib.clike Check elements of the syntax, generate code and build compilers and linkers with a common interface for the C language family
    dlb_contrib.doxygen Generate documents from source code with Doxygen
    dlb_contrib.doxypress Generate documents from source code with DoxyPress
    dlb_contrib.exctrace Adjust how uncaught exceptions are reported
    dlb_contrib.exportenv Export environment variables to an UTF-8 encoded JSON file in the current directory. To be used by batch files and shell scripts (see dlb_contrib.msbatch)
    dlb_contrib.filesystem Manipulate sets of filesystem objects in an efficient and portable manner
    dlb_contrib.gcc Compile and link languages of the C family with the GNU Compiler Collection (with the help of the linker from the GNU Binutils)
    dlb_contrib.generic Group or combine multiple tool instances or tool classes
    dlb_contrib.git Access a working directory managed by Git - the stupid content tracker
    dlb_contrib.gnubinutils Manipulate static libraries and ELF files with GNU Binutils
    dlb_contrib.gnumake Parse GNU Make rules
    dlb_contrib.iso6429 Output text to a terminal or terminal emulator that supports a Select Graphic Rendition Control Sequence (SGR) compliant with ISO/IEC 6429 (ECMA-48, ANSI X3.64). Of such terminals the DEC VT-100 (although monochrome) is best known
    dlb_contrib.linux Query Linux-specific information on hardware, filesystems and operating system as exposed by /proc
    dlb_contrib.msbatch Query environment variables after the execution of a Microsoft batch file
    dlb_contrib.mscrt Handle command-lines for programs using the Microsoft C runtime
    dlb_contrib.msvc Compile and link the Microsoft dialects of C and C++ with Microsoft Visual Studio platform toolset
    dlb_contrib.partition Partition filesystem objects in the managed tree
    dlb_contrib.pkgconfig Query paths of installed librares with pkg-config
    dlb_contrib.python Manipulate Python module search paths in a portable way Run commands with the POSIX sh shell - the standard command language interpreter
    dlb_contrib.strace Detect read and written filesystem objects of a running process with strace
    dlb_contrib.tex Typeset documents with TeX and LaTeX implementations based on web2c and kpathsea
    dlb_contrib.url Map identifier string to URLs bijectively by patterns with placeholders, and build URL regex from typical subexpressions
    dlb_contrib.versioned_interface Check if the hash in a (line-based) file describing an interface version matches the content hash of the files that define the interface Create ZIP archives from directory content